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Spitfire is a little overpowerd really in a normal game, Tenjin is VERY good and feels/looks really cool (only negative i found is the size its big. think Skate size), Advanced mamba is excellent too, just the low shielding lets it down a little as unlike X3R you will get hit a lot in this game no matter how fast you are, if you want the best player M3 . its fast 195m/s, its got excellent shields 100MJ and the most firepower of any M3/M3+ with 10 forward slots that can take EBC , if you want to kill things and survive in a fighter it is the best, and it looks really really cool.

On the topic of missile use. Fighters should generally not use warheads that deal more damage than about 30% of their own shields. Something about them using said warheads midcombat and those warheads blowing up in their face. Nothing more embarrassing than having your fighters blow themselves up. As for missile fire probability. that really depends on how many missiles you have. I’ve found that anything over 50% will get the enemy swarmed with missiles, so it’s a good setting if you’re deploying fighters against capitals, whereas anything between 15% and 35% (give or take) is good for fighter combat.

Now, on the topic of weapons. You’ll want EBC in the main battery of your M3 fighters, as those will be your heavy combat craft and EBC can keep firing for as long as they have ammo. Your M3 should also have a turret for missile defense, equipped with a PAC and set to „missiles only“. Now, the M4s, aka, Solanos 6x PAC is the way to go there in my experience. Gives them enough of a punch against other fighters and even allows them to hurt hostile M6 (don’t use your Solanos this way though, sooner or later they’ll get wasted). Don’t forget missilesFrom Nothing, a DiD by Scion Drakhar“Do or do not, there is no try“

„My Other Overwhelming Mixed Assault Fleet is a Brigantine“ Seleucius, commenting on my ship naming scheme

Those are your non ammo options on fighters. Now, as for what’s best to use, it depends on what you want your fighter to do. If it’s interceptor duty, look at guns with high projectile speed and decent range. The PAC really shines here. If you want your fighter to bust up bigger ships, then you really need heavier weapons. A PAC works for that as well, but the HEPT works better in my experience. A high projectile speed isn’t as important here; in this case you’re more worried about your energy consumed per damage dealt. And range is always a bonus. Something about a very small bullet size. This is mostly why I found it unpractical. Oh, and the higher energy drain for a tiny bit more range which you usually can’t exploit anyway. The increased energy drain is really noticeable though. And there’s the fact that guns never ever fire exactly where you tell them to, they always fire one degree or so off, and that’s where a bigger bullet size comes in handy, as there’s more probability of hitting your mark (especially when it’s a fast fighter). But sure, try out both yourself against some M4s and M5s that are really annoying your M3 by outrunning and usually outmaneuvering you (preferably ones with a small profile).
ugg earmuff Best Fighters

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